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Everything You Need For Your Natural Hair

Today I focus on the basics of natural hair products and tools. I explain the uses of the products in order to clear up confusion for new naturals. Sometimes YouTube can be confusing and natural hair can also be expensive.

I just want to share my knowledge.

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How I Detangle my Natural Hair

Today I show you guys how I used to detangle my hair when it became really knotted and dry. These days I never let my hair get to this stage as I try to prevent hair damage as much as possible. The idea is to prevent damage vs trying to fix or conceal it.

It is important that we learn to properly manage our hair as most of us have been conditioned to think natural hair is “difficult” and “unmanageable”.

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The Shea Moisture Commercial

I have exams…I shouldn’t be writing this article.

Like most naturalistas on the internet I saw Shea Moisture’s joke of a commercial last night 24/04/2017. Just to give a brief recap the ad features three women; 2 white and one bi-racial/racially ambiguous woman talking about their hair struggles. Now if you’re already confused don’t worry you should be. Shea Moisture’s core buying audience is mostly black women with kinky hair…yet there were none in sight.

IT IS HARD TO FIND NATURAL HAIR PRODUCTS THAT WORK FOR KINKY HAIR. For months people have been complaining that Shea Moisture has changed some of their core ingredients and that the products no longer work. Now we know why; Shea Moisture has been gentrified.

They are trying to make their products work for white and black hair but we all know that is impossible. Most white people have straight fine hair and on the other spectrum you have me; coarse kinky hair. Buying products at the hair supply store has always been a game of Russian roulette when you have kinky hair. Now there will be one less brand that caters to me.

Let’s talk about the red head’s “struggle”. Apparently for six years she dyed her hair platinum blond and now she can finally be a redhead. Are we seriously trying to equate that to the struggle of black women and their natural hair?

Let me illustrate real struggle. I returned natural when it was less popular in my country, the movement was just about to begin. One Monday I wore a twist out with bobby pins to pin my hair back out of my face, I felt cute. I went to work that morning and received many compliments, I was on cloud nine until my supervisor intervened. She dragged me aside to scold my hair, “why would you wear your hair like that to work? It is inappropriate for the customers to look at. They don’t want to see that!” I was dumbfounded.

Let me put this is context. I live in the Caribbean, 80% of the citizens are described as afro Caribbean. Meaning we are black with kinky hair. Yes ladies and gentlemen the slave mentality is that deep.

How was the hair that grew out of my scalp inappropriate?…She then dragged me to the other female supervisor who promptly agreed with her. I was so angry I cried. You see this is the discrimination black women face everywhere. I worked as a teller at a bank so I understand the desire for us to look “neat” but pray tell why my 3C co-worker was able to wear the same hairstyle? Apparently her hair was never inappropriate.

I am all for inclusivity with the Shea Moisture brand, I am not saying white women shouldn’t be able to buy their products. However, instead of making the few products that work for kinky hair suit straight hair, how about making a separate line? Shea Moisture for straight or wavy hair. I am happy natural hair is being more accepted but the journey is definitely not over.

Please don’t be afraid to comment and give your honest opinions. I’d love to read your thoughts.


My Top Five Natural Hair Mistakes

Four years ago I decided my hair was too damaged to be revived. At the time I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, I just knew that my current state was unacceptable. My hair was thin and fragile and quite frankly ugly.

I decided I was going to “grow it out” and then make up my mind as I went along. Looking back on that stage I realize that I made several mistakes. So, I’ve decided to share my misfortunes with the world to help other people along. I don’t want you to fall into the same potholes I did. So here are my Top 5 Natural Hair Mistakes :

1. Big Chopping vs. Transitioning

Boy how I wished I had just shaved my head instead of transitioning for 8 months. Now I’m not here to convince you against transitioning, this was just my experience. During my transitioning period my hair grew approximately one inch…you read correctly ONE BLOODY INCH!

My hair shedded more than a sick dog and was matted worse than a rug. Detangling Barbie’s hair was easier than mine. When I finally big chopped my hair grew like a weed.

2. Shaping my TWA

For those of you who don’t know, a TWA stands for ‘Teenie Weenie Afro’. When I had my hair cut, I literally just told the barber to cut the straight ends off. I wish I had had my hair shaped because it would have made styling my hair much easier. My hair grows quicker in my nape and crown giving my afro an odd shape. Getting it shaped to fit my face would have saved me A LOT of meltdowns.

3. Nappy Hair Acceptance

I understand that some people view the word ‘nappy’ negatively, however, I do not. I have learnt to accept the word for what it means; tightly coiled hair. Too many times we use that word as a derogatory word. I have learnt to love my hair in all its kinky glory, and you should too!

4. Frizz Acceptance

Frizz is the definition of natural hair. It happens, get over it. You will never win and life is easier with frizz. Besides, how else will you get that voluminous fro?

5. Changing my Natural Hair Routine

As my hair grew the products that worked well started to fail me. I was reluctant to admit that they were no longer working and kept forcing my hair to do what it DID NOT want to do. Sadly it’s just a part of the journey. My hair used to love coconut oil now it makes my scalp inflamed. If you notice your hair is acting different and you haven’t changed anything. It just might be that your hair is no longer responding to a product you’re using.

Tip: Try eliminating one product at a time until you find the culprit. 

Leave a comment below telling me your natural hair mistakes. I’d really love to know!